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EP3 — Decoding Development Decisions And How They Impact Your Business

EP3 — Decoding Development Decisions And How They Impact Your Business

If you are a badass business woman, and you are looking to make moves in the mobile market, this is the stuff you need to know. Normally I say, no technical lingo required to listen in on this show, but many founders I’ve spoken to who have been further in the process love this part, because concepts they've been surrounded with for months suddenly start to make sense. In today's episode we’ll be looking at the difference between Android and iOS, common structures and components of apps, and the associated complexity implications, and lastly how a simple decision your developer might make, can really impact your business, its team, and the timeline you operate on. If this gets you equal parts excited and curious, join me in my upcoming webinar: How To Create Successful Apps, From Dream To Reality To Riches. This is for women entrepreneurs who are ready to dominate the mobile market and want to learn HOW. During an hour long webinar on May 1st, I will share in-depth examples and processes you need to gear up for app development. Sign up on ( Find the full show notes over on our blog at ( If you have any questions at all, you can always email me on You can follow us on Instagram for weekly mobile insights, on ( My goal for you is to get a clearer picture of how technology can fit in your business. For our podcast listeners, we offer complimentary strategy sessions, which you are able to (book here). They take around 15 to 30 minutes and can help you dream big, get an idea of what might be holding you back currently, and what’s possible for your business.

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