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Smart Customers Stupid Customers Interview with An Author Bruce Kasanoff

Smart Customers Stupid Customers Interview with An Author Bruce Kasanoff

Bruce Kasanoff is a speaker, author and business strategist who helps companies profit from disruptive forces, rather than fall victim to them and the co-writer of Smart Customers, Stupid Companies. Bruce helps companies understand what comes next, and how they can leapfrog their competitors. His entire career has focused on helping companies leverage emerging technologies to better grow revenues and serve their customers. Bruce with co-author  Michael Hinshaw have asserted that our tolerance to mistakes by companies we engage in is reducing. We now have more information before we engage with them. Companies are still slow to recognise this and so rather than leverage the same disruptive forces like: Social Influence Persvasive Memory Digita Senors and the Physical web Companies are not keeping pace with our need to have a better experience with them. Well most anyway. A Bain & Company research study showed that while 80% of managers thought their firm was providing a superior customer experience, only 8% of those firms' customers agreed.Now that seems stupid. Bruce and I have a very interesting chat about the new landscape with customers and technology calling the shots. Resources: Bruce's website Now Possible SmartCustomers website

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