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Top 12 Growth Hacks for 2019 | Ep #10

Top 12 Growth Hacks for 2019 | Ep #10

Growth hacking is a term that is used to denote the process of rapid experimentation with different marketing and promotional strategies with the purpose of business growth. The term was coined by Sean Ellis of GrowthHackers in 2010.Growth hacking has been employed by startups such as Dropbox and Groupon to grow their business at an extremely fast rate.In this episode of the Customer Acquired Podcast we’re going to discuss the top twelve growth hacks you can use to grow your business in 2019.Read Full Article →Have Feedback?What would you like to hear next? Email us at: hello@customeracquired.comEnjoy this episode? If so, leave a short review here.Subscribe to the Customer Acquired Podcast on iTunes.Here's our RSS FeedConnect with Drew Parker & Customer Acquired:CustomerAcquired.comInstagramTwitterFacebook

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