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90 *NEW* DAILY INSPO: Be Impeccable With Your Word

90 *NEW* DAILY INSPO: Be Impeccable With Your Word

*NEW* Daily Inspo episodes so that you can listen to something good to light you up for your day.   Today, I draw the Daily Inspiration from Don Miguel Ruiz's popular book, The Four Agreements.  The Four Agreements are principles to live by that can lead to self-mastery.  The First Agreement is to be impeccable with your word.  How you talk to yourself can affect how your life turns out. **********************   Also NEW is a mini revamp of my website to include life coaching. Yes, I now offer coaching to help you untangle the confusion and frustration that comes with trying to find your path. It's about getting into the subconscious mind to break up limiting beliefs that cause suffering and hold you back. I'm so excited to help you get clear on what you want and have the courage to leap for it! Book a complimentary 60 minute coaching session with me today

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