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Cuff & Gavel: The Death of Kathleen Peterson, S01E01

Cuff & Gavel: The Death of Kathleen Peterson, S01E01

Welcome to Cuff and Gavel, a true crime podcast where we discuss cold blooded murders, brilliant thefts, and frauds that have confounded us all. Join Ana VDK and Alex as they discuss criminal masterminds and the trials that gripped us, all at the kitchen table over a couple of cold ones. Our pilot episode begins a five-part mini series on the death of Kathleen Peterson, also known as The Staircase murder. In this episode we'll begin by introducing the Peterson family, and the unconventional and uncanny patriarch, Michael Peterson. Unexpected guest appearance by Ana's cat, and that clicking in the background is Ana's husband playing Red Dead Redemption. Your audio is fine, and we apologize for the noise!

Duration: 43 min

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