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CryptoScam #9 - Crypto Hedge Funds

CryptoScam #9 - Crypto Hedge Funds

In this 9th Episode of CryptoScam I take a look the ridiculous idea of a Crypto Hedge Fund and explore some of the people trying to get money out of unqualified investors so they can lose it for them. This all started with an interview with Augusta Summers at the LA Blockcon even. Please watch this awesome episode of CryptoScam and leave your comments below. NOTE: Sorry about the sound guys, but I did not have the time to normalize the sound between the three videos that got merged. Donations: 1GEN2veX3gncFV6W6m1S8zf5US1QMZxRkM Twitter: @ToneVays Web: YouTube: Reference Links: Tone Vays Consulting Services: Currently available for Short-Term consulting contracts Globally (remote or in person) at the following rates + travel expenses if any. Reach out via email: Credits: Special Thanks to @BoobsNBitcoin for help with some of the research, @PirateBeachBum for help with the graphics and @coryhughes2010 with the interview video editing.

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