Unsolved: The Investor Massacre 8 Souls Aboard

Unsolved: The Investor Massacre 8 Souls Aboard

Off the Tiny island of Craig, Alaska an $800,000 fishing vessel The Investor sat in the waters off the cove a drift, Later it would be a blaze. What no one knew at the time as they rushed to put out the fire 8 souls were aboard this ship and someone somewhere was responsible to the grizzly scene that would be found after the flames were beat down. The investigation would lead to one man John Peel. In this video I will go thru all of the evidence, testimony and everything I could find on this case, and you can decide WHO DID IT & if a killer got away! What Happened in Craig? by Leland Hale to Ashes by Michael McGuire Format Available on YouTube.

Duration: 38 min

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