E.8 Angie Barlow #JusticeForAngie & Updates

E.8 Angie Barlow #JusticeForAngie & Updates

MAJOR NEWS!We speak to Christina Kramer, Angie's mother regarding the disappearance of her daughter that ended in the tragedy of the brutal and planned murder of Angie Barlow.Imagine one of the last people to see your daughter alive saying to you “awe you want to know what her last words were...”?! Because that’s exactly what happened to Christina Kramer. Angie Barlow was a beautiful young woman with her whole life ahead of her when she was lured to an apartment via text message to perform as a dancer for a private party. Angie sent her best friend Mona a message telling her where she would be, “incase I go missing”... Unfortunately Angie’s text became a sad and grim reality when she did come up missing. It would be nearly 8 long months later that she would be found buried in a deep grave. A grave so deep that Angie’s family firmly believes her killers intentions were for Angie to never be found.Even more perplexing - when police went to the apartment that Angie had performed the private party in to investigate - it had been completely cleaned and emptied out. And those who had rented the apartment, the last people to see Angie alive , the same people who told Angie’s mother “awe you want to know what her last words were”... were gone. And by the time Angie was discovered - Angie’s family would learn that those same people had relocated to Arizona. Leaving Angie’s family with even more questions and with the daunting task of picking up the pieces as they continue to be her voice and demand #justiceforAngie !

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