Cricket Time

Pilot - What is Cricket Time?

Pilot - What is Cricket Time?

Have you ever talked to someone only to find out, halfway through, they weren’t listening? Or, when they’re talking, you’re not listening? We experience it, too. Hence, Cricket Time. Join our weekly conversation, ranging from history, politics, culture—unscripted and off-the-cuff—as we present our authentic selves, and our thoughts about the state of the world. It’s a process of unlearning. We’ll be wrong a lot and admit when we don’t know, but that’s OK: that is how we learn. We’ll research evidence and discuss new findings. We ask that you please join our discussion by commenting on social media with different topics for us to discuss. Each episode is an opportunity for growth. Think critically, be wrong, and laugh about it. In these unprecedented times, let yourself be wrong and question your beliefs to discover who you are, through the art of conversation. Let’s discover together. 

Duration: 40 min

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