How Creators Can Benefit From NFTs - Feat Phil Ranta

How Creators Can Benefit From NFTs - Feat Phil Ranta

Episode Chapters:0:00 Intro6:47 What are NFTs?10:55 Why have NFT's suddenly become of interest?13:12 Making NFTs of value15:00 How do NFTs relate to creators?19:51 Phil's pick of NFTs22:08 How creators can make money from NFTs24:39 Complexities of transactions26:45 When creators go wrong with NFTs29:52 Environmental impacts32:31 What should creators focus on34:48 New forms of virtual currency38:45 Rabbit holeCreator Generation features top YouTube creators and video experts sharing their tips, insights and stories for working on the world's biggest video platform.    Join the Creator Generation community: https://community.creatorgeneration.comYou can find Phil Ranta on LinkedIn here: Wormhole Labs here: more about blockchain processing here: Connect Via ----Instagram: : https://www.creatorgeneration.comiTunes Podcast: App: App: #wormholelabs #nft #blockchain #podcast #youtubeinterview #creatorgeneration

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