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223 - The Strategy I Used to Crush My 2018 Goal in 12 Weeks (Call the Midwife Series Pt 2)

223 - The Strategy I Used to Crush My 2018 Goal in 12 Weeks (Call the Midwife Series Pt 2)

For years my goal setting strategy was less like a business tactic and more like a time capsule. I'd write my goals on my phone and then forget about them until a year later when I was making new ones. Upon seeing the previous years goals my reaction was "Oh yeah, I forgot I even wanted to do that... well that didn't happen..." LAST YEAR THOUGH this changed! I took a different approach to goal setting and action planning that caused my yearlong goal to be accomplished in less than 12 weeks! Tune in this week if you want to: Get clarity on what you really want Tactics for planning a strategic game plan An idea that may help you know if it's time to take a leap! This is PART TWO of our CALL THE MIDWIFE... DR. PIZZA series!! SHOW NOTES Measure What Matters 12 Week Year Conferences Creative Works Skill Camp PROMO CODE: CPT50 for $50 off CREDITS Support Creative Pep Talk on Patreon: Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to Alex Sugg for editing and the podcast! SPONSORS Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Use promo code PIZZA for 10% Astropad Studio! This week’s episode is brought to you by  With Wix, the web your playground. Start with a blank page and design your website in any layout you want. HTTP://WIX.COM/CREATIVEPEP

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