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218 - Want More Followers? Ask Yourself This

218 - Want More Followers? Ask Yourself This

The episode is CREATIVE REAL TALK. No music. No frills. One take. In this episode I share my current struggles, the lessons I'm learning right now in real time, and why I've been doing some unprecedented (for me) levels of soul searching in my life over the past 3 months. This is a very vulnerable / real / authentic episode. I hope it's a welcome brief change of pace that encourages and comforts you! We talk about: The question to ask yourself if you want more followers Why you're not able to be authentic in your work Your role in the hero's journey as an artist Dealing with nagging put downs from the past or present Conferences Dreamtopia Workshop with Cathy Heller & Friends in L.A. PROMO CODE: ANDY for 30% OFF SIGN UP NOW! Creative Works Skill Camp PROMO CODE: CPT50 for $50 off CREDITS Support Creative Pep Talk on Patreon: Thanks to Yoni Wolf and the band WHY? for our theme music. Thanks to Alex Sugg for editing and the podcast! SPONSORS Astropad App - Turn Your iPad into a Graphics Tablet! The episode art was made using Astropad! Use promo code PIZZA for 10% Astropad Studio! This week’s episode is brought to you by  With Wix, the web your playground. Start with a blank page and design your website in any layout you want. HTTP://WIX.COM/CREATIVEPEP

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