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A Post Thanksgiving Coronavirus Check-in

A Post Thanksgiving Coronavirus Check-in

Reporter Aaron Granillo is joined this week by Mike Lewis, host of KIRO Nights and a familiar voice on the show. They'll take a look at the latest coronavirus stats as a third surge in cases meets with the holiday season. How are we doing on hospital capacity, and what is the current survival rate from the virus? Mike also owns a local bar, and discusses how the new statewide restrictions on indoor dining and alcohol service are impacting his business and employees. In an impossible situation, what kind of state and federal relief can we expect? And finally, Washington state just launched an exposure notification app this week. Plenty of people have opted in so far, and we'll tell you how you can either download or turn on the feature on your own phone. You can hear more from Mike Lewis on KIRO Nights, weekdays from 7-10 PM or on demand as a podcast. See for privacy information.

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