Chris Morrison and Jane Secker (UK Copyright Literacy)

Copyright Waffle Episode 12 Simon Anderson

Copyright Waffle Episode 12 Simon Anderson

In this episode Chris and Jane talk to music publisher, composer, musician and copyright enthusiast Simon Anderson, Director of Publishing at Audio Network. Simon talks about his history in the music industry, the importance of copyright and his research into copyright infringement cases. He also shares his copyright heroes, his favourite nerdy facts about copyright and the latest news in music and copyright. And of course, he talks about his favourite cake. There are some short extracts from the musical works discussed, included under fair dealing provisions: Blurred Lines - Thicke/Williams/Harris Jr/Gaye, 2013 Got to Give It Up - Gaye, 1976 Let's Get it On - Gaye/Townsend, 1973 Thinking Out Loud - Sheeran/Wadge, 2014

Duration: 58 min

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