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#215: Examples of Micro-Commitments

#215: Examples of Micro-Commitments

Are you using micro-commitments as part of your sales process yet? These are essentially small favors asked of a potential client, such as asking them to fill out a survey or watch a video, to both gauge how committed they are in moving forward with you and to help ease them into making bigger commitments down the line.   In this episode, we talk about… The psychology behind using micro-commitments to build loyalty. Why you want to start on a smaller scale with potential clients to allow them to test you out while you prove your worth to them. How micro-commitments also work to help you pre-qualify people so that you’re not wasting your time. How the concept of “foot in the door” refers to a slightly bigger commitment, which is the next step after micro-commitments.    Links to resources:   Contractor Sales Academy   To learn more, join the Facebook Group Common Sense Contracting and check out the in-depth Facebook live webinars on this topic.   For more Contractor Growth Tips, visit

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