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#214: Avoiding Rejection

#214: Avoiding Rejection

You may think you can handle rejection, but no matter what, we can all only take so much rejection before it leads us to unnecessarily question our process. The best way to avoid rejection is to whittle down the number of people who will likely say no before you even talk to them.    In this episode, we talk about… How to use process, price, and education to pre-qualify leads and weed out those who might reject you. Why if you fail to define why you’re unique, all the power is going to rest in the hands of the homeowner. Why you need to get your information out there to let potential customers know what it’s like to work with you. How you don’t want to take things to the other extreme and make yourself seem so exclusive that no one will feel like they can work with you.   Links to resources:   Contractor Sales Academy   To learn more, join the Facebook Group Common Sense Contracting and check out the in-depth Facebook live webinars on this topic. For more Contractor Growth Tips, visit

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