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Icebreaker Series: Ep 1 // Jenny Almquist

Icebreaker Series: Ep 1 // Jenny Almquist

We want to break down the barriers that exist around the issues of injustice, trafficking and exploitation. The Icebreaker Series will bring out truths often overlooked or unknown. We will share stories of fellow humans who are doing the thing they can do where they are at and using their spheres of influence to positively impact the world around them.In this first episode of the Connecting Our Stories podcast Steph chats with Jenny Almquist, Executive Director of Fierce Freedom out of Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Listen to the conversation about how a few ordinary girls took small steps to fight for justice and leave encouraged in your journey towards justice too.Check our more of what Fierce Freedom is doing! to support the creation of this content: access to our online curriculum, Root Causes of Human Trafficking & Sexual Violence here:

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