Colin Knox | Giving Voice to MSPs

Colin Knox | Giving Voice to MSPs

Colin Knox, CEO of Gradient MSP, joins Ryan Goodman in this episode to talk about the challenges of entrepreneurship and the value of industry benchmarks. Learn how he “stumbled” into the MSP market and turned his job at a small IT firm into a successful career building and leading channel organizations. After working his way through the ranks, he took a leap of faith and co-founded a new IT services company − and the timing was less than perfect. That was just the start of a long, challenging, and life-altering journey into the realms of entrepreneurship. Those experiences, including building and selling several organizations, including MSP firms and Passportal, sparked Colin’s interest in data intelligence. In this episode, he explains the channel opportunities of his new venture, which helps IT services firms leverage information and benchmarking. This technology allows providers to increase their share in a potential $100 billion market. How can MSPs use their own data to strengthen their business operations? Can information intelligence boost their margins? Check out this information-packed episode of Confessions of an IT Business Owner for the answers.

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