Nikki Thursday

Confessions of a Millennial Drama Queen

Welcome to a 20 something's

Welcome to a 20 something's "dear diary" brain dump.

Episodes: 29


Hot Girl Summer and Compulsory Heterosexuality

Duration: 45 min

Cut The Fluff!!! (A Book Review)

Duration: 22 min

Conspiracy Theories

Duration: 36 min

"Let Them Eat Twinkies!" April Book Review

Duration: 44 min

Happy Holiday

Duration: 45 min

Fitness Challenges: Trash or Pass?

Duration: 36 min

My Dream Blunt Rotation

Duration: 53 min

Everybody (Else) Is Perfect: A Book Review

Duration: 1 hr 12 min

I'm A Hypocrite... Let's Talk About It

Duration: 1 hr 6 min

Stop Putting Women On Pedestals

Duration: 58 min

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