Holly Spangler

Confessions of a Farm Wife

"Three farmwives, escaped from the farm and lunchboxes and small children (mostly), having a conversation where we got to finish all our sentences, as if we were real grown-ups. It was pretty awesome!" -Holly Spangler

Episodes: 30


Episode 28: Deep and Wide

Duration: 24 min

Episode 27: A Podcast About Podcasts

Duration: 24 min

Episode 26: Deep dive with Holly

Duration: 31 min

Episode 25: Ag Advocacy, a deep dive

Duration: 26 min

Episode 24: Harvest, baby

Duration: 27 min

Episode 23: Deep Dive with Emily

Duration: 19 min

Episode 22: Back to School, Baby

Duration: 25 min

Episode 21: The Good, the Bad and the Under Water

Duration: 27 min

Episode 20: That Which Cannot Be Spoken Of

Duration: 16 min

Episode 19: The Mother's Day Gift Guide

Duration: 28 min

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