Prairie Cannabis, Legalization and Usage with Jim Southam

Prairie Cannabis, Legalization and Usage with Jim Southam

In this first episode of 2021 I interview Jim Southam the owner of Prairie Cannabis in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. We talk about his store and what it takes to open a store in Saskatchewan. We talk about the results and effects of legalization. We also talk about responsible usage and Jim offers some tips and tricks for people who may not have consumed cannabis previously. Jim also answers questions from listeners live.Support local businesses and employees by considering a purchase from Prairie Cannabis located at the bottom of the hill. You can also make an account and have product shipped directly to you from best way that you can support the show is to consider leaving a review on Apple reviews or Podchaser. You can also like my Social Media Accounts and share this episode on your own social media.If you would like to support the show financially there is a link below. Financial support helps pay for my RSS feed and website. Support the show (

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