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69 - Celeste Conowitch from Venture Maidens joins GM Radio Rob

69 - Celeste Conowitch from Venture Maidens joins GM Radio Rob

Celeste Conowitch is the Producer of and Dungeon Master for Venture Maidens, an actual play 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons podcast. In Venture Maidens, Celeste and three friends entertain each other and their audience by creating tales of adventure and danger in a fantasy realm! Celeste is a California based writer who holds a theater degree from San Francisco State, and a lifelong love of tabletop games. As well as Venture Maidens, you can find Celeste featured on many podcasts and Streams throughout the RPG community. She is a co host for 'DM Nastics', a bi weekly podcast for to DMs work out their minds, and appears as a featured DM for Wizards of the Coast's Podcasts of Annihilation, Podcasts of Foes, and Podcasts of Waterdeep projects which can be found on the official Dungeon Delve feed. Join Celeste and CfG host GM Radio Rob as they talk about making a living from gaming.   FOLLOW CELESTE At: The Venture Maidens Official site - Twitter - Dungeon Master's Block Forums, the home of DM Nastics -   FOLLOW GM RADIO ROB At: Radio Rob Farquhar - Twitter - And at Coaching for Geeks -   MEANWHILE... AT COACHING FOR GEEKS HQ Join our Community for gaming, careers, dating, life, fitness, cooking, cosplay and much much more - Hit up the blog for D&D tips, game reviews, subscription boxes, and all of the above - Check out Role Play Gourmet and throw some XP into your cooking stat -   We'll see you next time!

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