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34: FItness - 5 Tips to Level Up Your Health for n00bs with Sam Pogue, Level 100 Onnit Warrior.

34: FItness - 5 Tips to Level Up Your Health for n00bs with Sam Pogue, Level 100 Onnit Warrior.

Coach Austin calls upon one of the highest ranked coaches in the fitness Industry, Sam Pogue, Director of Strategic Partnerships for Onnit & founder of the Fitness Breakroom Podcast to share his XP points with the Coaching for Geeks tribe.   Fitness Breakroom Launches December 4th 2017       About Sam Sam Pogue is the co-founder of Fitness Break Room, an online fitness community that specializes in telling the stories and strategies of some of the industry’s most successful players. Sam specializes in helping fitness trainers and fitness professional pivot into the industry. He is also the Director of Communications and Senior Coach for the Onnit Academy Education Team. He spent the last nine years in the fitness industry as a membership councilor, personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and fitness educator. Originally from Portland, Oregon, he was in search of personal development, which led him to his current HQ of Austin, Texas. Sam Pogue was tired of seeing countless internet marketers lying to aspiring trainers chasing their dream and convincing them this industry is easy to make hundreds of thousands of dollars write workout programs online or generate new leads for your in person training business. Sam helps people not only get into the fitness industry and chase their passion but helps provide realistic expectations and strategies to help build a successful career. He believes that “Fitness is about community” and that we should give back to those who are starting out. We all have a mentor or someone that helped us out along the way. And while the fitness industry is very rewarding, it’s also filled with challenges. He believes that by bringing the fitness community together, we can help the industry thrive. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Join Fitness Breakroom from December 4th 2017   And don't forget to join Coaching for Geeks for daily geek life, dating, and of course fitness XP!    

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