Drexel Dragons and Brian Scalabrine

Drexel Dragons and Brian Scalabrine

In the eleventh episode of the ClutchMoney Podcast the boys discuss their March Madness brackets and make predictions for the sweet sixteen. The boys also talk about the "White Mamba" Brian Scalabrine destroying a high schooler 1v1. Also is Sister Jean magical? Well we have the answer for you. All this and much more inside episode eleven!! Spotify- ClutchMoney Podcast | Podcast on Spotify Anchor- ClutchMoney Podcast • A podcast on Anchor Facebook- (2) ClutchMoney Podcast | Facebook Instagram- ClutchMoney Podcast (@clutchmoneypod) • Instagram photos and videos TikTok- ClutchMoneyPodcast (@clutchmoneypodcast) TikTok | Watch ClutchMoneyPodcast's Newest TikTok Videos Youtube- (9) ClutchMoneyPod - YouTube --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Support this podcast:

Duration: 1 hr 7 min

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