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Epiphora with Dr. Haeussler

Epiphora with Dr. Haeussler

In this episode, host Beckie Mossor, RVT, talks to DJ Haeussler Jr, DVM, MS, DACVO, about his recent Clinician’s Brief article, “Epiphora in Dogs.” Dr. Haeussler starts with the general conditions that lead to epiphora, contrasting those that should be fixed with those that can be lived with. He then moves to the diagnostic process, emphasizing that we all should be doing more tear testing. Dr. Haeussler also gives some tips for flushing nasolacrimal ducts and shares his 3 main ocular symptoms clients need to keep an eye out for.Resources: us:Podcast@briefmedia.comWhere to find @cliniciansbriefInstagram: @clinicians.briefThe Team:Beckie Mossor, RVT - HostAlexis Ussery - Producer & Digital Content CoordinatorRandall Stupka - Podcast Production & Sound EditingMichelle Munkres - Senior Director of Content

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