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Personal Responsibility

Personal Responsibility

This podcast will feature ideas and topics revolving around Personal Responsibility. We will discuss topics such as some very general/false expectations that a lot of people seem to assume apply to everyone but actually, is up to everyone’s type of lifestyle. Other sorts of topics that apply to ‘Personal Responsibility’ includes financial responsibility, self awareness, and independence. In college, it can be very easy to be pressured into doing something just because others are also doing it. One thing that we really want to touch is that you are unique in every way, and some very important aspects that are completely unique to every college student is their financial and academic aspects. Situations such as having a group of friends that are going to a party, hanging out, etc., when you may be stuck doing a lot of work. Though this may be tempting and pressuring, you are the only one responsible for your own work and you must be the one to decide what is best to do for yourself. You should not compare and contrast yourself and your financial/time stances with others, because everyone at Clemson is pursuing a unique path during college, and that it is okay to say no if it’s best for you.

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