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Establishing Core Values

Establishing Core Values

Here at Clemson University, we have three core values: integrity, honesty and respect. Integrity involves living honestly and in a way that upholds your moral values. At Clemson, integrity is incredibly important, especially in academics. Each class here even has an Academic Integrity Policy included in the course syllabus. Honesty is another important thing all students should embody. You need to be truthful with yourself regarding your abilities and efforts, and you also need to be truthful as you communicate with others such as a professor or a roommate. Being honest with yourself and others will ultimately make your time here easier. Lastly, respect is very important throughout your time here. People deserve to be respected, including professors, staff members, friends, and roommates. This includes every student from all academic majors. You should keep this in mind as you interact with people here at Clemson. In addition, remember that you also deserve respect. It is important to learn how to address comments that are not respectful in an appropriate way. All of these characteristics will play a big role in your experience here. In this podcast, we will discuss these three core values of integrity, honesty, and respect in a bit more depth and discuss ways you can exemplify and develop these during your time here at Clemson.

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