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Roman Memory (Part 2 - Souvenirs and Mementoes)

Roman Memory (Part 2 - Souvenirs and Mementoes)

This is the second in a pair of audio programmes on ROMAN MEMORY. This episode features (in order of appearance) Maggie Popkin (Case Western Reserve University) on the Roman souvenir trade, incl. the glass bottles from Baia and Pozzuoli. Zena Kamash (Royal Holloway, University of London) on a small cattle figurine from Marcham Frilford. Ernst Künzl on the history of souvenirs in the Roman Empire and beyond. Sonia Muro Castillo (Souvenirs Agrigento) on her campaign to rid Sicily of Mafia-related souvenirs. Emma-Jayne Graham (The Open University) on the Roman glass bottles, and the links between place and memory. Valerie Hope (The Open University) on Roman mourning and death-related mementoes. (Image from

Duration: 30 min

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