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Nashville Radio Show: Instruments of Joy

Nashville Radio Show: Instruments of Joy

What is Instruments of Joy?Instruments of Joy is a nonprofit ministry where we give quality instruments to musicians in the developing world who can't afford them. Who do you work with?We partner with churches and nonprofit organizations in the Nashville area who do work in the developing world that have deep relationships within the communities in which they serve. The organizations target individuals who need great instruments and then we give them the instruments. What is your mission?Our mission is to provide quality musical instruments to musicians in need. How did it get it's start?The founder of Instruments of Joy, Joshua MacLeod was at an Aids orphanage in Malawi where there was very little hope. The parents of the kids at the orphanage had all died and it was an incredibly impoverished community. A young man at the orphanage showed up and started making music with a gas can and a block of wood that had been fashioned to sound like a guitar. The atmosphere of the orphanage changed when the young man created music. Joshua realized that people living in poverty need more than material things to heal their body, they also need inspirational things like music to heal their soul. Why is it important?Any musician will attest to the importance of having a quality instrument. The challenge comes in when you live in an area where the average income per year is around $500. Getting a $300 guitar is pretty much an impossibility. So you have a tremendous need for hope and music, an a non-existent ability to make that music. So that is where we come in. What makes you different?One thing is that we have incredibly low overhead. People are already spending millions of dollars on the plane tickets overseas; we piggyback on an infrastructure that is already in place. The second thing that has a really great response is that we provide a picture back to the donor for every person who receives an instrument. That way the person donating the instrument has a picture to see the joy they are creating. What type of services do you provide?If someone has a instrument that they would like to donate, we collect that instrument, get it in tip top shape and then send it off to an aspiring musician in the developing world. How did you personally get involved?I started by giving my own instrument. That led to my sister doing a yard sale and giving 3 instrumentsWhich led to more people knowing about it and honestly, it's just grown organically. How can people help/ get involved?Donate an Instrument. If someone has an instrument sitting around collecting dust, they should visit and give us a call and we will get that instrument into the hands of an aspiring musician in the developing world. Pay for delivery. It costs us about $50 per instrument to arrange transportation and logistics to get an instrument to aspiring musicians in the developing world. With $200, we can purchase and deliver an instrument. We have an amazing partnership with an organization that gets us really quality guitars for around $150. Where can people get more info?Our website is or people can email for more info. If there was one thing you could tell people about this organization, what would you say?I would remind people that when someone lives in great poverty, they need to see great beauty and we who do not live in great poverty should do everything we can to help them get it.Learn more: 

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