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FEMAIL: The Art of Sustainable Fashion

FEMAIL: The Art of Sustainable Fashion

Our guests are Camilla Carper and Janelle Abbott, the co-creators of FEMAIL Forever, a project dedicated to sustainability and zero waste.  The two met in design school, and after graduation, returned to their respective homes of Oakland and Seattle. To continue their collaboration, Abbott and Carper mail garments back and forth through the US Postal Service. Each time that work passes from one to the other, new scraps and remnants are added, sometimes, things are taken away. On April 29, 2020, befitting their long-distance process, the two spoke via videoconference with Avery Trufelman, who  produces original pieces about architecture and design for the award-winning podcast 99% Invisible by Radiotopia.  The three discussed how we can all commit to dressing more sustainably, wearing ugly clothing with confidence, and maintaining a collaborative friendship at a physical distance.

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