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I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way.

This week on your Cosmic Disasters Show...The Nerdyverse is beautiful and multicolored. We embrace and celebrate that every month. But for Black History Month we wanted to dedicate an entire month of programing to the individuals who make Blerd culture so amazing! This week as we continue our salute to Black and Blerd History we talk about villains and heroes of color and their importance in the Nerdyverse. We also talk about representation and award a very special posthumous Geek of the Week. There's also a lot of our usual inappropriate and incredibly awkward banter. Special thanks to our guests this week!Elle Stranger, writer, the Nebula Conflicts blog Ivy, host of Mike Ivy's Fun Fact Podcast Brown, host of Side Angle Wrestling Podcast Season 04 Episode 11-----------------------------For behind the scenes, memes, and generally inappropriate nerdy content follow us on all of our social media and listen to our podcast to get that good stuff in your ear holes!Website- circleofnerds.comInstagram- @circleofnerdsThe Book of Face- @circleofnerdsTwitter- @circleofnerdsListen to THE COSMIC DISASTERS PODCAST wherever you listen to podcasts or watch us in all our glory on YouTube!Hosts:Daddy LouieRadio BeeshTommyDProducer:J'KwellanSupport the show (

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