Podcast 131: Cyber security - is it a people issue?

Podcast 131: Cyber security - is it a people issue?

One of the biggest challenges for any organisation is managing risk and for HR professionals, their people are at the heart of creating a secure organisation. With up to 96% of cyber security breaches owing to human, rather than technological error, it is imperative that an organisation’s people, its management and its processes are well prepared. In the first of two episodes we look at the cyber security risks facing organisations today – a threat which the UK Government estimates cost £27 billion annually. We’ll hear from representatives from CIPD, Safer Jobs, the Corsham Institute, Cyber Insider and Cifas, the UK’s largest cross-sector fraud sharing database. We’ll be discussing the key role HR professionals play in managing people risk and the steps they can take to ensure their people processes are contributing to maintaining a secure organisation.

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