INTERVIEW: Martha Shane and Lana Wilson interview

INTERVIEW:  Martha Shane and Lana Wilson interview

In this episode, Matthew Groves interviews debut documentary directors, Martha Shane and Lana Wilson, about their film, After Tiller. The film follows the lives and work of four doctors who perform third trimester abortions in the wake of the murder of Dr. George Tiller. Rather than look at the political and philosophical debates, the film looks at the issue of abortion from humanistic level, showing how it works, the people behind and their reasons and motivations. No matter one's personal views, After Tiller is a direct, tender look that is bound to educate, complicate, and challenge the viewer to grapple with the complex humanistic layers to the issue. The film is out now and is a must see! Feel free to comment on here and give us a star rating and review on iTunes! Notes: Still provided by Yes and No Productions Please forgive some of the knocking sounds in the audio in places throughout the interview.

Duration: 22 min

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