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What exactly is motivation...well I guess there are a bunch of different definitions and or ways to express motivation but here is one of them..“At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.” It just really reminds me of not only the word but like the moment when you are so passionate about something that you just have to do it.  you can also listen to this exact episode as a podcast on spotify or apple podcast...basically on nearly every platform there is   - This episode of the Self Development with Tactics / SDWT podcast is all about "Motivation: The Scientific Guide on How to Get and Stay Motivated" an article from James Clear on the website. - - I as always hope that you get a lot out of that! - Love you  ➠Thank you for being with me! If you liked this episode of your daily self development kick please subscribe and like. Stay tuned for upcoming self development videos aaaaand comment down below or hit me up on the social media platform you like the most. Wish you the best, health wealth and happiness ❤️   Who I am? I am Christopher Walch a 18 year old graphic design student from austria, really interested in marketing self Development and having success in every aspect of life❤️However I am not only interested in having the best for me! I want you to be at your peak as well. Giving value to the people out here is what I want and what I am able to do here! Thank you. Self Development with Tactics/Christopher Walch on Instagram: Self Development with Tactics'/Christopher Walch's Podcast: Self Development with Tactics/Christopher Walch on Twitter: Self Development with Tactics/Christopher Walch on Facebook: Self Development with Tactics on Tumblr: Self Development with Tactics/Christopher Walch on Youtube: Self Development With Tactics/Christopher Walch on Quora: LOVE YOU ALL!! ❤️

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