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#22-why are we wired for negativity?

#22-why are we wired for negativity?

 So, I don’t know if you are aware…but you think a lot, and most of what you think about is negative. Yes, negative. I am not saying you are negative by choice, it’s just how your brain is built. We are gonna talk about the brain and negative bias and how to stop it from mucking up your life.In this episode... I talk about how much you think.What negative bias is and why we are wired for it.How our memory works when it comes to negative bias.How you can become less negative and more positive.Enjoy the Podcast and remember to be curious, consistent, and make sure you breathe! Hugs, Cheryl Resources & Links MentionedResource Hub- The place to find all of my free and paid productsI'm writing a book called  Mindfulness for Overthinkers: Think less, Do more, and feel incredibly Calm. If you want to see behind the scenes, join my community soon. Would you be willing to fill out a questionnaire on overthinking? Link HERE. 

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