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#18 Watching your thoughts and letting them go -Mini-Meditation

#18 Watching your thoughts and letting them go -Mini-Meditation

It's time to watch your thoughts that are floating around in your head. When it comes to thinking some people hear a narration, some people see words. But either way, this particular mini meditation can be modified to fit what works for the way and how you think. In this episode I provide you with a relaxing mini-meditation so you can watch your thoughts...and let them go.Important note  Please do not drive or use heavy machinery while listening to this recording.Enjoy the Podcast and remember to be curious, consistent, and make sure you breathe! Resources & Links MentionedHave you grabbed the Mindfulness Guide yet? It's free PLUS it has a downloadable < 5-minute mini-meditation so you can move into mindfulness easily. Join our private Facebook community----> HERE 

Duration: 11 min

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