Keeping Promises

Keeping Promises

KEEPING PROMISESEver had issues with keeping to your word? Do you feel people always tag you unreliable? How do you deal with broken trust and confidence?  In this episode, Princess Amarachi reveals those little things we easily say and don't do. You will get to know the effects of unfulfilled promises on relationships, business, career, family and yourself. There will be tangible takeaways on how to build trust, earn one and save yourself the stress of living to impress. Listen to Cheap Talk and get ready to know how we get muddled up with conflicting schedules and commitments and ways to deal with it. You can listen to this episode of Cheap Talk @ Jamit.fm, tune in on iTunes, subscribe and leave your reviews. HOW TO DEAL WITH COMMITMENTS AND PROMISES Do you feel people always say you're unreliable? Have you ever had to live with someone who doesn't take their words seriously even though they don't mean to hurt anyone? I've been frustrated waking up to realize that I've got a lot unfulfilled promises everywhere.  There's been situations where I felt bad hearing that someone took me more serious than I thought. So, when you say, 'I'll call you after work' and you don't do it or you keep giving excuses, overtime, you loose the value of the promises you make and trust in that relationship gets shaky.  So, why is it important to keep track of little commitments we make and ensure we fulfill them? How do we deal with disappointments from others and earn people's trust and confidence without trying to impress? What are the effects of failed promises on our relationships, career, family and business?  This is what this episode, "Keeping Promises" on Cheap Talk podcast digests.  We don't have to be scared of making promises but we need to be conscious of the “yes” we give to requests no matter how small and the offers we bring to the table. Doing them is more important than saying them. So, this episode talks about how we can deal with this habit of unreliability? It talks about being true to ourselves. How we need to keep to personal promises, say no when necessary, resolve conflicting schedules and apologize when we really can't help it. The truth is, It is always better to under-commit and over-deliver than over-promise and fall short... So, tune in to Cheap Talk and get ready to say it to do it right! You can listen this episode of Cheap Talk at Jamit. fm, tune in on Itunes, subscribe and leave your reviews.

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