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Chappell // Chats: Organizational Leadership Tips During COVID-19

Chappell // Chats: Organizational Leadership Tips During COVID-19

Chappell // Chats is back in the form of Google Meet. We'll try to take it to the backyard once quarantine is lifted, but for now, this is where we're at! On this episode, we welcome Kathleen O'Grady, owner of Raleigh Coaching and Raleigh Coaching Academy. For those who do not know, Kathleen consults with organizational leaders and executives from across several industries and businesses (small and large) across the country. We dive into how leaders are navigating COVID-19, tips on work/life integration, life in the northeast, road rage, and even spouse challenges during quarantine. Please be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe. If you would like to submit swag and be an unofficial, or official, sponsor - simply shoot us an email at and we'll make it happen. It's completely free. If you'd like us to cover certain topics, or if you wish to be on the show, or know someone else who would like to, shoot us a message or drop a comment below! The podcast version is also available on Apple Podcasts. Video versions are available on our YouTube and Facebook. // #ChooseChappell Stay Connected with Chappell Residential Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: YouTube: SoundCloud: @chappellres Apple Podcasts: Raleigh Coaching Academy Website:

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