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023 IGKnight with Michael Diamond

023 IGKnight with Michael Diamond

IGKnight, a brotherhood of supportive, non-judgemental men ready to hold the space for each other. Every participant learns how to better self assess in the moment, to make decisions as clear and precise as a Knight. We are here to make the world a better place and every action matters. Michael Diamond is the featured guest on the Change Your Heart Podcast. In his calm, collected way, he is able to talk about the true way to embody the masculine. A way that has been forgotten within this current culture. Michael and I reconnected after a handful of years to find that we are on similar missions in this world, as are most men. We come to realize that we do not have to carry everything on our shoulders by ourselves, that we have the ability to embody a true feeling of valor, honor, pride and respect. Not only can we accept respect and blessings from other men, but we are able to share our appreciation of other men. We are examples for our children, and all children in the world. Join the IGKnight brotherhood and find a welcoming community full of support and empowerment. Find your Mission in this world and show the next generations all that being a Man has to offer.

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