Change Illuminati Podcast, Episode 4

Change Illuminati Podcast, Episode 4

On June 1st, 2018, the Minnesota Change Management Network transitioned to its 5th board of directors. To commemorate this epic event, CHANGEGUILD’s Dan Olson sat down with their outgoing and incoming Presidents Stacey Ferguson and Scott Yager, to pick their brains on a wide range of topics. In this unfiltered conversation, Stacey and Scott they share their perspectives on MNCMN’s accomplishments, the state of the Twin Cities change management ecosystem, change management certification and its benefit for job seekers and the industry, and their goals for coming year. They also followed a few rabbit trails regarding labor estimating tools, creating SOWs, delivering value on a project, readiness reviews, end-user advocacy, working yourself out of a job, and lots more! If you’re in the mood to completely geek out on some granular change management blocking and tackling, this is the podcast for you! ...and now, The Change Illuminati Presidential Podcast!

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