Change Illuminati Podcast, Episode 2

Change Illuminati Podcast, Episode 2

With the onslaught of fake news and Internet trolls, it’s nice to know there’s a champion for good out there - someone who advocates leveraging social media for learning, and is actively creating an authentic and trustworthy voice for the Change profession. Today on the Change Illuminati Podcast, I get to talk to this champion, Paul Thoresen. Famously known as @surveyguy2 on twitter, Paul is a global social media influencer and disseminates practical scientific IO Psych practices to help HR and Org Development people. In my opinion, if you are an organizational development, HR, or change management practitioner, his social media feed is a daily must-read to help you stay on the cutting edge of your profession. As such, he is one of the most impactful curators on the web, and his lists such as the 80 #IOPsych Pros to follow on Twitter are regarded as the Who’s Who of the industry. Paul has over fifteen years of experience as an Industrial-Organizational Psychology practitioner, is currently an independent consultant, and is also the Editorial Correspondent and Social Media Specialist for the popular website Change Management Review. As a frequent podcast and conference panel guest, Paul constantly shares his knowledge and passion for a wide range of topics such as an Evidence-Based Practice for OD - a topic he shared at a recent MNODN meeting - and The Payoffs of Social Media Involvement, an upcoming #SIOP17 conference presentation. In today’s conversation, I mix it up a bit and selfishly navigate Paul through an esoteric and “inside baseball” look at: > His journey into social media > What topics are currently exciting him, including his favorite thought leaders on Twitter > The value of Change Management methodology certifications > A survey of this year’s change/OD conferences > Artificial intelligence’s impact on the workplace > The future of change management ..and now, the Change Illuminati Podcast conversation with Paul Thoresen!

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