Change Illuminati Podcast, Episode 1

Change Illuminati Podcast, Episode 1

In a world of specialization and focus, David Quimby stands out as a voice in the wilderness for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation. In my opinion, his deep and diverse background in multiple domains, as well as his success as an entrepreneur and thought leader, makes him not only the world’s most interesting man but also the world’s most interested man. In this podcast, we discuss the organization of the future, agile as a catalyst in the workplace, top-down and bottom-up approaches to org design, we also learn how David was attracted to the practice of change management and get his predictions for its future. Along the way, we also travel down a few rabbit trails including a review of the scientific method, social network analysis, process consulting, and why this podcast is named for the change Illuminati.

Duration: 1 hr 11 min

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