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Beandrea Wonders What 'Being in Your Body' Means

Beandrea Wonders What 'Being in Your Body' Means

Is Centered a memoir? What do you hope listeners will take from the show? What's next for the series?  Centered Producer and Sound Designer extraordinaire Hannah Smith interviews Beandrea July about the backstory that lead her to create Centered, including her time spent training to teach yoga at Kripalu Yoga Center and meditating at Spirit Rock Meditation Center. They talk vulnerability, hot tubs, and dig into what it really means to "be in your body" in daily life.  Also Beandrea wants you to know that everyone was fully clothed during the making of Centered and she receives no kickbacks from Piedmont Springs.  Edited and Mixed by Beandrea July    Produced w/ Sound Design by Hannah Smith Our theme music is by Ganessa James Full Show Notes #CenteredPodcast @CenteredPodcast  

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