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Spyro The Dragon - Cartridge Club - ep. 99

Spyro The Dragon - Cartridge Club - ep. 99

Spyro The Dragon | Cartridge Club, Season 9 Episode 3 Welcome to the Season 9 Episode 3 (99) of the Cartridge Club! We're celebrating November with one of the PS1's most influential platformers - and one that's just been incredibly "reignited", it's Spyro The Dragon! Join Curtiss, Captain Algebra, SNES Is Life and MrsQDawg as we discuss this epic game.   Also, be sure to join us throughout November, when we'll be playing Final Fantasy VII!   As always, follow along with the conversation every month on Twitter @CartridgeClubNA or our community's Discord. Interested in shirts, mugs, notebooks, or other gear featuring designs based on our Game of the Month selection? Check out our merch shop at Don't forget to give our podcast a review on whatever podcast app that you use! If you're interested in supporting us and our community - and get to be involved in the selection of future games of the month - check out how at Captain Algebra | Twitter: @Captain_Algebra SNES_is_Life | Twitter: @SNES_is_Life MrsQDawg | Twitter: @MrsQDawg   Host: Curtiss | Twitter: @curtissfrisle    

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