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Cartridge Club Weekly #41 - April 23rd 2017

Cartridge Club Weekly #41 - April 23rd 2017

This week we have so little news that we just ended up talking to each other about stuff. P1 reveals that he isn't a Pacman-iac and they dive into a heated discussion about the PayPal ordeal faced by fellow CartridgeClub alumni Bill from STC. In our rave portion we cover some of the challenges and rewards of being a parent who also games (SPOILER: Kids ruin everything). Also we are pretty sure we made it through with only 1 curse word (this is not guaranteed). All that and we finally reveal the big secret that we've been teasing all week and it will change the CartridgeClub forever! Twitter: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Twitch:

Duration: 1 hr 12 min

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