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3 Ways to find Focus and Fulfillment

3 Ways to find Focus and Fulfillment

“Endorse the challenge of life and becoming your best self.” Mycal Anders is a Marine Corps Veteran, Founder of Crossfit PHX, Entrepreneur and Author of the new book “Inner Circle: Focus and Fulfillment Habits of the Enlightened.” On this 50 minute episode of Transformation Tuesday, Anders talks about how he transformed his own life by learning from the most enlightened people around him. “I was just in a place where I was in a super negative mindset, everything was happening to me not because of me. I just couldn’t get out of my own way,” Anders explains. Then he met a man who put him on the path to personal growth and development. Anders explains how he was finally able to get through the no and get to the YES. “It dug me out of that dark place because I was doing work on myself; because I was taking responsibility for my demons” he says. “How to get the things you want out life has everything to do with how you show up.” Mycal Anders talks with Carey Pena and Inspired Media 360 about 3 Ways to Find Focus and Fulfillment and how they have manifested in his own life: (1) Happiness is a choice: Bad things happen to all of us but how long you choose to live in that space is up to you. (2) Circle of influence matters: There are those who contribute to your well being and there are those that steal from it. (3) Your struggle is your story: Not everyone has to go on a hero’s journey. “My life is a manifestation of ever seeking knowledge,” Anders shares. He actively seeks mentorship and being around those with more wisdom. It has served him well. Anders’ gym and podcast are thriving, he works as a business consultant for others in the fitness industry, and he is very proud of the release of his book Inner Circle: Focus and Fulfillment Habits of the Enlightened.  Not to mention, he has a beautiful family. “I only got this far because of what I did not know,” Anders shares. “Early on I subscribed to the opportunity to be the dumbest person in the room.” Listen to Mycal Anders Podcast Feed Me Fuel Me: Mycal Anders book on Amazon: The post 3 Ways to find Focus and Fulfillment appeared first on Inspired Media 360 TV - Inform | Inspire | Engage.

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