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#013: Extreme Words: Always & Never

#013: Extreme Words: Always & Never

Did you know there’s usually something bigger behind the use of extreme words Always & Never?When extreme words are used it typically indicates an emotional trigger. Find out how they affect us, how to recognize and react to them so you can improve your personal and professional lives.P.S. Grab our free download of Resume Tune-Up Tips – Mistake proof your resume by learning and correcting today’s most common format and content errors.Chapters[00:23] Listener feedback requested[01:31] You always leave your shoes out![01:56] John Gray’s Book: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus[02:22] Extreme words indicate repeat issues[03:00] Taking words literally[03:36] Learning from personal situations[04:06] Reducing stress by taking action and not piling up “to do” items[04:56] Taking a look at our work lives[05:17] We never…[05:55] Recognizing extreme words and changing how we react to them[06:18] BONUS TIP: Watch out for these “money words”[08:10] Sometimes I use extreme words, but I catch myself, pause and course correct[08:53] Give us your feedback!Referenced ContentJohn Gray’s Book: Men are from Mars, Women are from VenusListener Feedback Requested!NEWS: Https:// is totally redesigned! Come see our new look and grab some of our free resources.

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