Tim Babb

CWFC 077 – Candlemas

CWFC 077 – Candlemas

On this episode…just when you thought Christmas was over we’re going to learn about a little known part of the Christmas celebration, Candlemas (and learn the secret origins of another American tradition along the way). We’ll also hear some Christmas jokes for kids read by 100% genuine kids, give you a recipe for peppermint cookies, and start a new feature that will get your thoughts on some Christmas topics. Download here! 00:00 – 01:57 Intro 01:57 – 04:54 We Need a Little Christmas Now 04:54 – 09:06 Five Golden Things (Kids’ Christmas Jokes) 09:06 – 16:17 Candlemas 16:17 – 18:09…

Duration: 23 min

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