Cameron Jenkinson

#1 One thing at a time

#1 One thing at a time

I wrote this journal entry on the 27th of April 2020 deep into the lockdown in Bavaria, Germany. I'm sharing a simple principle of 'one thing at a time' that I've been trying to apply throughout my day since lockdown began, I hope it can benefit you. With a lot more of our time being spent on devices (especially on video chat apps like Zoom which increased by 277% since early March) it is far too easy to flick between tasks, from this tab to that, from laptop to phone,  doing X whilst listening to a YouTube video... multitasking all day. With so much input and so much consumption of 'digital' food our digestive systems get overloaded which can feel like a small burn out and low energy. One thing at a time is about being fully conscious and deliberate in everything we do. It's about bringing that warrior spirit of doing and that loving presence together to be fully present in whatever the task, from making the bed to your first task at work. Since I've been trying my best to do it (I sometimes fail spectacularly at it) I've reduced that 'rushy' feeling throughout my day, I have less anxiety and more fulfilment in doing the little things.

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