Teaser Pilot Podcast Ser 1 Ep 9 - What's lurking on Channel Z?

Teaser Pilot Podcast Ser 1 Ep 9 - What's lurking on Channel Z?

Teaser Pilot - Check out the Butterfly & the Madbear as they get into Podcasting. This teaser just is taste of what we are exploring in all of our other shows.Check Out our all of our new series.Bear’s Pondering & Wondering - Bear delves into the spiritual realm, and guides us on a journey into the aether that inspires his forest heart.Herstory’s Heroes Unleashed - Earth’s Mightiest Heroines! Join BAMB as they dive deep into hidden history and tell the stories of the fabulous femmes that came before!Butterfly’s Bodacious Bootcamp - The bootcamp for bitches who hate bootcamp. Come for the fitness, stay for the inspirational expletives!The Fellowship of Old Toby - Grab your pipe, because Butterfly and the Madbear are taking you on an adventure through the goblin filled mines of Moria, and wormholes of wonder and weed!Conversing Queerly - The Butterfly and the Madbear wax about our queer life and all the other crazy things we find interesting. We’ll spill some tea, and throw some shade about life, the universe, and everything drag!So there might be Podcast conversations. NSFW / 18+@bingingwithbabish @strain_central @positivesmash420 @joerogan @firstwefeast @meateater @worldofwonder @randyrainbow @todrick#bamb #podcast #drag #lgbtq

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